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Medicine for Mali looks forward to your comments and any questions you may have. It’s important to us that our efforts be understood. Sharing your knowledge and experiences can add to our ability to better and more efficiently serve the people of Mali.


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Medicine For Mali

The Medicine for Mali mission is to collaborate with our partners in Mali, Africa in a sustainable approach to improve lives through medical aid, education, public health, micro-finance loans, and clean water while promoting friendship across cultures. 

Help us improve the lives of thousands of Malians today!


Can you bring some medicine? I can’t be a doctor without medicine.
— Dr. Elise DeVore

All of Medicine for Mali’s programs work to improve the health, economics, and education of the people in a remote, forgotten section of Mali where people are extremely poor. Your generous donation will support:

  • Our clean water mission: the drilling of wells
  • Our educational mission: teacher training, scholarships for top girl and boy students 
  • Our public health mission:  malaria prevention,  village birth attendant training, and immunizations
  • Our microfinance loan mission: loans to individuals and small groups
  • Our medical mission: the purchase of medical supplies