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Clean Water

Giving the region access to clean water is essential for health. MFM has drilled 28 clean water wells, 6 within the last year. The combined population of these 28 villages that now have clean water wells is 26,098 people. Nine wells are solar powered mini-water distribution systems with 4 or 5 faucets points in each village. MFM has trained village water committees to provide for maintenance and repair of repair of these wells. 

Clean Water Wells

In April, 2017, MFM installed 6 new clean water wells. This makes a total of 46 clean water wells in our region. 

One of the biggest improvements that we can make to the health and welfare of a region is to provide it with clean, healthy drinking water. Currently, many villages use open pit wells from which they pull water out with by hand. It is so easy for these dangerous wells to be contaminated with dirt and disease. Animals and rodents, and fecal material  fall into these wells with disastrous results for people drinking, cooking and bathing with the water. 



MFM brings clean water to as many people as possible. Our effort has been to provide villages with at least one working tap that provides clean, healthy water. In the 9 villages where we have installed a mini-water distribution system, we pump the water using solar powered pumps, build towers for storage, and provide 4-5 public faucets so that villages no longer have to worry about the safety of open pit wells. In addition, we provide clean water hand pump wells in villages that have no clean water.  We train the local water committees how to collect funds for maintenance on these wells.