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Helping the People of Mali, Africa

Altrusa Club 21 Helps Women and Children in Mali.

Jill DeVore

Thank you, Altrusa International Foundation Club 21 for another grant to fund our Public Health programs which to much to improve lives especially of women and children in an impoverished area of Mali. This grant will fund our continued effort to have all infants are getting a complete set of immunizations and all pregnant women receiving 3 or more prenatal visits. Village Drug Kits are helping many.

Book by major midwife training supporter

Jill DeVore

Myrna Brown, a longtime, major supporter of MFM’s midwife training program, has published a book OF UNSEEN THINGS ABOVE about a young missionary in Burkina Faso (Mali's neighbor). It is a romantic story of life in W Africa in which the heroine must go on a spiritual journey. I related to this and enjoyed the book very much

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Sad news of hotel terrorist attack in Bamako

Jill DeVore

We are thankful for a safe resolution to the terrorist take-over of the Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako. Our condolences to the families of those who lost their lives. We are saddened because the peaceful, hospitable people of Mali live in poverty and have few resources before all this started. 

THIS AFRICAN LIFE screening to raise money for a clean water well.

Jill DeVore

This African Life film  screening is at 7pm, Thursday, October 8, 2015, at the Bexley United Methodist Church, 2657 E Broad St. in Bexley Ohio. 

Told through the eyes of 8-year-old Sokona Keita, this film reveals harsh realities of life in a West African village, even as she expresses optimism for her future. Sokona takes the viewer on an inside tour of her town and the lives of the women and children who struggle with daily survival. Q&A after film with film participants. Donations are for 1 clean water well. You can donate at screening or here on website. 

2014 update - good news

Jill DeVore

All of the Medicine for Mali programs-Clean water, Micro-finance loans, Teacher training, are operating this year in Mali. In addition Public Health programs of  Matrone training , malaria prevention, and immunizations are on-going this year. Our village volunteers have been trained and work hard on these things every month in their own villages. Dave and Drake U pharmacist John Rovers went to Mali in Feb, 2014. They got 4 new clean water wells installed in even more remote villages. Our villagers told them how much they appreciated the midwife coming to train their village matrones.

MFM hired a  Malian doctor to hold a medical clinic in the Health Center. He was pleasantly surprised by the lack of diarrhea in our area. He had expected to see a lot of this. But, thanks to the clean water in these villages , he did not have patients will this ailment.

The rebellion in the north of Mali has not had a direct effect on our villages as they are far away from this trouble. We are thankful for that.

Ebola has not been found in Mali, as of this writing.

Drake Students raising money for solar frig

Jill DeVore

Young mothers and children waiting to get immunizations.
Young mothers and children waiting to get immunizations.

Drake University students in  Iowa are raising money for a solar refrigerator for to keep vaccines at correct temperature. So far they have raised $1700, about 1/2 of their goal. Great Job!!! Photo of young mothers and their children waiting for immunizations in one of our villages. 

2013 MFM work continues

Jill DeVore

Good news: all of Medicine for Mali’s is continuing this year, even though the American team could not make it’s yearly visit this winter. For example:

4 new villages (3500 people) will be getting clean water wells this year.

The Malian doctor who held MFM med clinics this year was surprised by the lack of stomach and intestinal aliments in the villagers. He said the clean water wells were the reason, and he thanked MFM for this.

New Micro-finance loans went out to 350 people in 8 villages in 2013.

School-teacher trainings are being held in the villages’ schools. All MFM trained teachers have passed their evaluations. Scholarship students are receiving their money to go to high school in the capital.

A Midwife is coming for monthly prenatal visits to assist and teach the village matrons. Many more women are coming for prenatal visits now!

Public Health trainings and refresher courses are occurring now.

Monthly Immunizations sessions in all villages are occurring. Malaria prevention talks and weighing of children for malnutrition are continuing.


Jill DeVore

Columbus International Programs (CIP) has given  Medicine for Mali $1000 for text books for our area of 8,000 people. In these times of difficulty in Mali, this concrete offer of aid for the children will demonstrate Americans concern for Malians. Thank you so much, CIP!